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  Our adventure with German Shepherds had started in year 2002 when we bought our first female - Akra Wez Go Czart. She triggered our passion for working with dogs and not so later on we bought more dogs of that universal breed.

  We are devoting our free time and much more to our dogs. We are trying to create good living space and living conditions for them and they are eating only high-quality food. Our goals in breeding are high level of mental aspect as well as health aspect. Our pack was already left by many puppies, they are giving joy to their new owners and are a big satisfaction to us.

  We hope that you would find the most faithful friend for many years thanks to our website. And so we will try to share our experience and give you some passion of ours – and that’s of course German Shepherd Dogs





Śmiłowickie Wilki, hodowla Owczarków Niemieckich, Owczarki Niemieckie


10 September 2018
Club Show in Germany

German Shepherds Club Show (BSZS) in Germany.
Our huge success! We presented our kennel in breeding competition. We showed breeding group with 5 dogs - 2 males and 3 females after 5 different fathers and 4 different mothers. We was the only representation from Poland. We took 11th place among kennel from all world! We are so proud!


17 September 2017
Club Show in Poland


At German Shepherds Club Show in Jarocin, Poland our kennel stayed The Best Kennel of German Shepherd in Poland at 2017. We showed dogs from our kennel after 3 difrent mothers and 4 difrent stud-dogs. 2 dogs was presented at working class: CASTRO Śmiłowickie Wilki and BURGA II Śmiłowickie Wilki. CASTRO and BURGA passed TSB test.

At our breeding group was presented young girls froum our kennel, who got high place in competition - the sisters AZA Śmiłowickie Wilki and AZJA Śmiłowickie Wilki and THORA Śmiłowickie Wilki.


15 July 2017
We have puppies!

8th of July puppies were born. The mother is ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki, the mother of our  Polish Champion HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki.


21 June 2017
Planned litter

At the begining of July we are expecting puppies after ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki and WUTZ vom Haus Tchorz. More information at for sale section.


21 May 2017
We have puppies!

In our kennel short-haired puppies was born. The mother is Grendy vom Rumbachtal (half-sister VA Fred vom Rumbachtal). The father is SG4 BSZS 2015 Mark vom Pendler.


24 April 2017
Planned litter

We are happy to inform, that we are planned litter. In the middle of may in our kennel puppies will born. The father will be SG4 BSZS 2015 Mark vom Pendler, son of excellent female - Corsika vom Pendler. The mother will be Grendy vom Rumbachtal, female from germany kennel, daughter of VA2 BSZS 2012 Nino von Tronje and SG7, V11 BSZS, VA(NL) Zairy vom Rumbachtal - mother of VA BSZS 2014&15/VA1(DK) 2014 VA11 BSZS Fred vom Rumbachtal.


1 April 2017
We have long-haired puppies!

At our kennel long-haired puppies was born. The father is Junior World Winner SG1 BSZS 2016 Zitan vom Repitition. The mother is V7 BSZS 2016, VA4 PL, Polish Champion FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki. Feel free to make reservation of puppies.


28 February 2017
Litter announcement!

We are planning puppies from excellent mating! The mother will be V7 BSZS 2016, VA4 PL, Polish Champion FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki, one of the best female in Poland and world. The father will be SG1 BSZS 2016 Zitan vom Repitition. Pregnany confirmed!


22 January 2017
Show in Lubin

V7 BSZS 2016, VA4 (PL) FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki - POLISH CHAMPION!

National Dog Show in Lubin. Our long-haired female, FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki ended Polish Champion title. Her mother, BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki gained next CWC.


9 December 2016

Happy news! The puppies was born in our kennel. The mother is ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki (mother of Polish Champion HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki). The father is young stud dog - VA4 (PL) HUNTER vom Haus Tchorz with Kkl. Both parents are tested for dysplasia in SV and have DNA confirmed.


7 November 2016

New photos of 5 weeks old puppies after VA5 Quoran d'Ulmental and Grendy vom Rumbachtal were placed in 'for sale' and 'our litters' sections.

In 'for sale' section were added information about next litter in Śmiłowickie Wilki kennel.


03 October 2016

In our kennel 7 puppies were born - 2 males and 5 females. The mother is Grendy vom Rumbachtal, father VA5 Quoran d'Ulmental. More information in "for sale" section.


19 September 2016
Poland Club Show.

VA4 (PL) FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki!

Our FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki (daughter of BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki) crowned her success from Nuremberg and she has VA4 in Polad Club Show of German Shepherds.


05 September 2016
BSZS Show.

At German Shepherd World Dog Show in Nuremberg (BSZS) our FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki, the doughter of BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki, passed TSB exam and she was 7th in working class.


29 August 2016
Planned litter.

Great news! Our Grendy vom Rumbachtal is pregnant. The father will be one of the best dogs in the world, VA 9 BSZS 2015, (VA2 Austria 2015) Quoran d'Ulmental. More information in "for sale" section!


16 July 2016

Next puppies in Śmiłowickie Wilki kennel! More information in for sale section!


13 June 2016
Planned litter.

In the middle of July we are planned puppies. The mother will be excellent female, HASSEL ze Wzgórza Palatynu, the winner of many shows. She is from kennel of our friend, Mateusz Wilczek. The father will be our Polish Champion HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki. Pregnancy is confirmed!


10 June 2016

More information about puppies in for sale section!


09 May 2016
Planned litter in kennel.

In the middle of June in our kennel puppies will born. The parenst will be BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki (Kkl.1, IPO1) and  SG12 BSZS'14, V16 BSZS'15 Thor von der Baiertalerstraße (Kkl.1, IPO3). Both parents are excellent hips and elbows: ED / HD Normal and DNA-gpr.


08 April 2016
Grendy vom Rumbachtal in our kennel!

Breeding female - Grendy vom Rumbachtal, the doughter of VA2 Nino von Tronje and SG7, V11 BSZS, VA (NL) ZAIRA vom Rumbachtal (mother of VA11 BSZS Fred vom Rumbachtal) with ED / HD normal, ZW:70, DNA-gpr. and BH, IPO1.


27 February 2016
Photos of puppies.

New photos of 6 weeks old puppies after Pedro vom Langenbungert and FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki. Feel free to see their.


15 January 2016.
New litter of long-haired puppies in our kennel.

We have 8 puppies (2 males and 6 females). The parents are 2 x VA Pedro vom Langenbungert, V1 FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki.


16 December 2015
Planned litter January 2016'!

We are planning a long-haired litter in our kennel around mid-January. Our FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki will be having 2x VA Pedro vom Langenbungert's, one of world best dogs', babies for the second time. Both parents are excellent competitors and meet highest kennelling standards (Kkl.- German kennel license, ED/HD normal - perfect elbow and hip joints, DNA tested, IPO3 and IPO1 trainings).


21 września 2015
KWON Witaszyce 2015'

DRACO Śmiłowickie Wilki - Vice Winner of Junior Club, top competitor in Poland and a son of our HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki and SMARTIE vom Zellwaldrand - took part in this year's show for German Shepherds in Witaszyce where he came in 2nd among 13 dogs and became a Club Winner. He also received a special title for being a top competitor in Poland. HASSEL ze Wzgórza Palatynu, a female that has been in our kennel for less than 4 months won in her Class and got the 1st prize!


6 July 2015

2 baby boys and 5 baby girls were born in our kennel today. One of world's top stud dogs, 2x VA Ballack von der Brucknerallee, is the father and, already experienced in terms of motherhood, BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki (mother FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki)- the mother. Both parents have Kkl. German kennelling licence, IPO training, have been tested for dysplasia (hip joints HD, elbow joingts ED) in Germany as well have their ancestry confirmed by DNA.


16 June 2015
Planner litter!

At the beginning of July we are expecting puppies. The parents will be, our breeding female, V1 BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki (the mother of V1 FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki) and the leading stud dog on the world, 2x VA Ballack von der Brucknerallee.


06 June 2015
Long-haired puppies.

Our first litter of long-haired German Shepherds was born! The mother is our great female, V1 FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki and the father is the best dog on the world now (BSZS 2013, 2014), excellent, 2x VA Pedro vom Langenbungert. Both parents have Kkl., IPO, ED / HD normal and DNA confirmed.


04 May 2015
Long-haired puppies.

Our very first litter of long-haired German Shepherds! Parents: as of right now, the best long-haired dog in the world,  2x VA Pedro vom Langenbungert, and our female - Kkl.1 FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki (daughter of V8 BSZS'2014 Pepe vom Kuckucksland and Kkl.1 IPO1 V1 Britney Śmiłowickie Wilki).


28 March 2015

Our dogs have received German breed license today - Kkl.! HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki (Homar dei Colli di Uzano x ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki) a licence for life - Kkl.-Lbz. BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki (Bix von Arlett x Redstar (Kkl.-Lbz)), passed Kkl. for years 2016-17; FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki (Pepe vom Kuckucksland x BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki) - Kkl. for 2016-2017 as well. We're proud of our kennelling family members.


11 February 2015

We got to welcome a brand new litter to our kennel on 11 February. Eight puppies were born - 6 boys, 2 girls. Derrik vom Trompetersprun is the father, ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki - the mother (also the mother of our Polish Champion, HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki). The parents have had their DNA tested and been examined for dysplasia: elbow joints ED-Normal, hip joints HD-Normal (perfect). They have also passed the IPO1 training (the 1st degree defence exam). Puppy booking is open as of right now!


01 January 2015

New year in Śmiłowickie Wilki kennel has begun very happily - we're welcoming a new litter to the world and our wonderful female, FLER Redstar, is the mother. Fler: (IPO1, Kkl.-Lbz., ZW: 75 ! (very low!) HD-normal, ED-normal, DNA gpr.
The father, however, is the Junior World Winner BSZS'2014 (SG1) Cronos del Seprio, a son of double World Winner VA Remo vom Fichtenschlag oraz V1 VA (CH + I) Afra del Seprio.


06 December201

We finished our 2014 kennelling with a very positive vibe today! Our youngest female - FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki, passed her defence exam, IPO1 (93 pts/81 pts/93pts).


06 December2014

BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki, a female from our kennel, passed an IPO1 defense exam today with score: "very good". FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki, her long-haired daugther, passed BH test. Mr. Marek Szczepański, international FCL judge, was a part of the exams.


28 August 2014
New puppies pictures.

New pictures of our 5-week-old puppies from the "D" litter can now be found in our 'for sale' section. Our female dog V1, IPO1 Smartie vom Zellwaldrand, daughter of VA2 Quattro von der Partnachklamm, granddaughter of the legendary World Winner - VA1 Zamp vom Termodos and two times World Winner VA1 Larus vom Batu - is the mother. Our young stud dog - Polish Champion, VA1, IPO1, Kkl1 HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki, son of Vice World Junior Winner - SG62 Homar dei Colli di Uzzano - and grandson of top dog - VA9 Furbo degli Achei - is the father or our puppies.


03 July 2014
Fibi's X-ray.
We have another hip and elbow joints x-ray results of our long-haired female dog, FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki! Tests and expertise done in Germany, very strict standards. Hip joints perfect - HD-normal, elbow joints perfect - ED-normal, DNA descent - confirmed.


08 June 2014
Today at a national show in Raciborz our dog, HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki finished his Polish Championship by receiving 1st place in Working Class and yet another CWC from judge Aleksander Skrzyński.


18 May 2014.
Show in Germany.

Our male, HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki, and long-haired female, FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki, this time presented themselves in Germany and received high scores from Mr. Friedrich Gerstenberg.


18 April 2014.
We have puppies!

WE HAVE PUPPIES! More information in "for sale " section.


13 April 2014 r
Dog Show in Częstochowa.

Today at a National Dog Show in Częstochowa, Poland, doggies from our kennel won trophies among their breeds. Best of Breed in short-haired German Shepherd category was received by our young stud dog - HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki (SG2 BSZS 2009 Homar dei Colli di Uzzano x ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki)! ORINKO Śmiłowickie Wilki (VA1 BSZS 2010 Ober vom Bad-Boll x FLER Redstar), Darek Rączka's female dog from our kennel, received Best of Breed in long-haired German Shepherd category.


05 April 2014.
New litters on their way.

The first litter of our stud dog, HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki (f: SG2 HOMAR dei Colli di Uzzano, m: ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki) will soon be born. BRITNEY Śmiłowickie Wilki (f: V16 BIX von Arlett, m: FLER Redstar) will be the mother. Britney had her first litter already from which we kept a long-haired female, FIBI Śmiłowickie Wilki (f: PEPE vom Kuckucksland) in our kennel.

We're expecting more puppies at the beginning of may - FLER Redstar, our olders female that has already given birth to many precious dogs, is pregnant as well. She is the mother of ANUSHKA, BRITNEY, a grandmother of HIRO, FIBI and many others with a list of great accomplishments both in terms of shows and trainings. The young V VADIM von Aurelius is the lucky future father. It will be his second litter from our kennel this year.


05 February 2014.
We have puppies!

WE HAVE PUPPIES! More information in "for sale" section.


08 January 2014.
New litter on it's way.

We confirmed pregnancy of our female dog - ANUSHKA Śmiłowickie Wilki via USG. Planned date of birth: February 10th 2014.

A Young and up-and-coming dog, VADIM vom Aurelius will be the father. He is a strong stablie psyche type, efficient build and has a very nice pigmentation. Needless to say, he has a remarkable genetic predispositions.

Anushka is a trusty kennel female, a mother of our young stud, V1, IPO1 Kkl. HIRO Śmiłowickie Wilki (Father: Vice-World Winner 2009 Homar dei Colli di Uzzano). Feel free to book a puppy now!